The psychotherapeutic offer of my practice is aimed at adults.
The following psychological problems and complaints are mainly treated:

  • Depression and Burnout Symptoms: z. B. Depression, drive problems, lack of desire and interest, exhaustion, sleep, decision-making and concentration problems
  • Abuse of Alcohol and Other Substances: excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages or substances resulting in restrictions in daily life, e.g. B. a risk to the profession or tensions in the partnership
  • Social fears: Fears of embarrassing oneself or embarrassing oneself in the presence of others and generally avoiding dreaded social situations
  • Phobias: z. B. Fears of heights, crowds, public transport, driving a car or animals as well as avoiding the situations listed
  • Panic attacks: Sudden fear related to physical complaints, which builds up to panic within a short time and then recedes again after a certain time
  • Generalized fears: excessive and persistent worry is related to many things
  • Constraints: Compulsive acts such as B. washing, order or control compulsions or obsessive thoughts such. B. behaving inappropriately
  • Eating disorder: Fears of increasing, excessive fasting, binge eating, vomiting, obesity, binge eating disorder
  • Problems in response to traumatic experiences: z. B. persistent, intrusive reliving, avoidance of situations that resemble the stressful experience
  • Physical illness with psychological side effects and sequelae
  • Sexual Function Problems: z. B. erection problems, sexual aversion or aversion, painful intercourse